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Ahead of the AFI Fastrack Prize winner being announced on Friday, 21 June 2024, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange was turned into a fashion runway, where the finalists presented their final looks.

Each designer showcased their interpretation of the “30 Years of Freedom. 30 Years of Fashion Expression” theme, which was in part an homage to the three decades of South Africa’s democracy.

The AFI Fastrack Prize collections are launching at House of Nala in Sandton City, on Friday, 28 June 2024. 

SIXX6: A Bold Take on Power Dressing

SIXX6 Designer, Mimangaliso Ndiko with models. AFI Fastrack Prize Collections

SIXX6 by Mimangaliso Ndiko reimagines classic corporate wear for a new generation.

This collection celebrates African heritage with a fresh perspective on wearability. Think sharp tailoring with an innovative twist, a look that's both powerful and audacious.

SIXX6 Womenswear Tailored Garments

It's time to rewrite the rules of the boardroom - SIXX6 by Mimangaliso Ndiko lets you claim your space in style.

ARTICLES FROM MARS: Skhothane Culture Meets Sustainability

AFI Fastrack Prize Collections- Articles From Mars

Kgotsofalo Given Monyamate of Articles From Mars takes us on a thrilling trip through South African fashion history.

Inspired by the bold and vibrant Izikhothane culture, the collection reimagines this past movement with a modern twist.

Look for stunning prints featuring endangered South African flowers, a powerful statement on preserving cultural legacy and environmental beauty.

Articles From Mars AFI Fastrack Collections

This is streetwear with a conscience, bursting with colour and bursting with purpose.

XHVNTI: A Celebration of Identity

XHVNTI. AFI Fastrack Prize Collections

Xhanti Xabiso Mpu doesn't shy away from bold statements.

Their final AFI Fastrack collection is all about celebrating their heritage as a queer African in a democratic South Africa.

Expect unique designs that blend cultural influences with personal experiences, all wrapped up in Mpu's signature unisex style.

XHVNTI Collection AFI Fastrack Collection

This is fashion that speaks its own truth, and it's guaranteed to turn heads!

LO’ICE: Celebrating Hip Hop Culture

Lo'Ice. AFI Fastrack Collections

AFI Fastrack Prize winner, Lo'Ice by Loice Dube takes centre stage with a showstopping collection that celebrates the transformative power of self-expression. 

Her signature print blends with an electrifying mix of denim shades, culminating in a statement-making sports luxe puffer jacket and a playful bubble skirt.

LO'ICE AFI Fastrack Collections

This collection is a testament to Lo'Ice's artistic journey, showcasing a remarkable leap in her design process and concepts.

ABANTU: A Rebellion Reimagined

ABANTU. AFI Fastrack Prize Collections

Channel your inner revolutionary with ABANTU by Thandazani Nofingxana.

This collection breathes new life into traditional South African attire, fusing its rich heritage with fresh prints and easy-to-wear silhouettes. 

It's a powerful story of fashion as resistance but reimagined for a modern audience.

ABANTU AFI Fastrack Collection

Nofingxana celebrates the evolving nature of tradition, transforming it into a symbol of both cultural pride and personal identity.

XOLANI MAWANDE: A Bold Celebration of African Heritage

AFI Fastrack Collections Xolani Mawande

Xolani Magadla and Mawande Mbawuli weave a vibrant narrative through Xolani Mawande's collection.

Inspired by indigenous games and the enduring trend of African accessories, the designers showcase a powerful message: African stories deserve to be told in all their richness, not confined to traditional prints.

Xolani Mawande AFI Fastrack Collections

Expect a burst of colour with sharply tailored suits, dynamic jumpsuits, and a touch of timeless tradition.

This is a collection that champions both heritage and contemporary style.

The AFI Fastrack Prize Collections will be launched on Friday, 28 June 2024 at House of Nala, Shop U47A, Upper Shopping Level, Sandton City.

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