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The Durban July Style Guide 2024

The Durban July has always been one of the must-attend events on the social calendar in South Africa and beyond the country’s borders.

Known as Africa’s Greatest Horserace Meet, the Hollywoodbets Durban July attracts a diverse audience of people.

The prerequisite for the event is simple- you need to look good!

Hence there’s always a focus on the fashion element at the Durban July.


Like other famous horserace meets, like the Kentucky Derby and Royal Ascot, fashion is intrinsically linked to the Durban July.

And this year’s theme, Riding The Wave, is another one that should inspire attendees to come up with something that’s not only theme but event appropriate.

Durban is known for its beaches, surf culture and relaxed vibes. It’s a city that has positioned itself as Africa’s playground, for the party loving crowd. So the theme also alludes to the that.

But how do you take it forward? How do you dress for ‘Riding The Wave?’ without venturing into costume territory?

A model wearing David Tlale with a horse

Well, it’s simple. You can be literal and wear garments that are architectural and have accents that showcase ‘waves’.

Or you can dig deeper and explore the sports influence on fashion this year- the ‘riding’ element of the theme.

From tennis core to athleisure, there has been a strong focus on sports in fashion this past year. Athletes are getting ready for the Olympics and are bagging campaigns with the leading fashion brands.

Bathini Designs Mesh Dress
 Poppy Xaba in the Vulekile Midi Mesh Dress by Bathini Designs. The designer has used mesh fabric normally used for sportswear, to create a classic little black dress. 

Sports brands are also collaborating with famous fashion designers to create their team jerseys and designers are also experimenting with traditionally sports-coded textiles to create their collections.

From using scuba, neoprene, mesh and denim, amongst other textiles, designers are looking at various ways to incorporate the sports-inspired fashion trend into their collections.

So with that, here’s the House of Nala Durban July Style Guide.

Classic Raceday Looks

Classic Raceday Looks Durban July

For those who cherish timeless elegance, a selection of impeccably tailored dresses, suits and formal wear await you at House of Nala.

The goal is sophistication and the options from AFI Privé, Urban Zulu, Cynthia Foss, SCALO and Suitability will make sure you turn heads for the right reasons.


Bold, Beautiful, Blues (and Greens!)

Eric Raisina Crochet Raffia Dress

Both the theme and the location call for it.

Embrace a colour palette that reflects the ocean's depths – deep, rich blues, teals that mimic the turquoise shallows, and perhaps even a touch of emerald to capture the vibrancy of coral reefs.

Eric Raisina, AFI Privé, Alia Baré and Urban Zulu are perfect options.


 Incorporating the Theme Through Textiles 

Alia Baré Mesh Dress with the Alia Baré Multi-way Kimono

The theme notes make mention of luxurious silks and satins.

We recommend going an extra step by looking to textiles that like knit (or macrame if you will), scuba, mesh, denim and linen.

These are textiles have inspired African designer brands like Gvllvnt, Agape Designs, Alia Baré, Nguo and AFI Privé to create unique garments that are surprisingly theme appropriate.


 A close-up side view of a long, flowing navy blue maxi circle skirt with a mesmerizing galaxy print in bold blues and purples. The skirt is made from comfortable scuba fabric and showcases the drape and fullness of the circle design.Denim dress with a strapless, bandeau neckline and a collared top. Features contrasting pockets and decorative press studs.

Introducing the AFI Privé Atelier


Perhaps you crave a creation that is entirely your own, a garment that speaks to your individuality and embodies the "Riding the Wave" theme in a way that is uniquely you. 

The AFI Privé Atelier offers the exceptional service of custom-made couture. With the AFI Privé Atelier, you are always guaranteed great quality, dedication to craftsmanship and incredible service.  

Consult with our skilled designers to craft a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression.


AFI Privé Atelier Black Asymmetrical Evening Dress with Ruching, a Slit and Long SleeveAfrica Fashion International, Classic Lacey Wide Leg Pants, Champagne, sequins, wide leg, elegant, chic, all body typesAFI Privé Atelier Black Brocade Suit Blazer with two side by side buttonsAFI Privé Sleeveless Denim Dress - Front view showcasing a sophisticated silhouette with a button-down closure.

Visit House of Nala, Shop U47A, Upper Shopping Level in Sandton City (or online) to discover the perfect ensemble that will allow you to "Ride the Wave" in style and elegance.

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